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Journalism School Presents Case Study

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April 22, 2005. On April 15 to 16, Dean David Klatell and a group of six students from the School of Journalism presented "Building the Front Page of the Washington Post" to more than 100 alumni and prospective students. The case study, produced in collaboration with CCNMTL, is an interactive learning environment that reconstructs the editorial process of designing the front page of a daily issue.

The multimedia case study presents students with background information on the Washington Post. Students review the same news items that the editors of the newspaper considered for the June 16, 2004 issue and listen to audio clips of meetings from June 15 that document the editors' discussions and their decision-making process. Students then work out their own solutions, keeping the paper's mission, values, and readership in mind, as they reconstruct the layout of the front page. They are then able to compare their work to the actual front pages of the Washington Post and the New York Times that were published on June 16, 2004.

"I was delighted to work closely with the CCNMTL team because they brought so much to the table - ideas that pushed me and my Journalism School colleagues to re-conceptualize our original plans for developing the Washington Post case," said Dean Klatell. "Our alumni loved it."