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Library Compass Released

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February 5, 2004. Library Compass, a new resource to develop and enhance academic research skills, was developed by CCNMTL in conjunction with the Columbia University Libraries and has been released today. It is an online environment that serves as an orientation tool to aid students in honing their research skills for academic scholarship. Through learning activities and detailed explanations, Library Compass supports the writing of academic papers by exposing students to specific library research skills and strategies. Students who work with the Library Compass environment can improve the quality of their research papers and also access online support and assistance during the research process. In addition, videotaped interviews with Columbia librarians offer guidance and advice to students new to academic research.

As students and researchers are challenged to find both method and meaning in the midst of an abundance of information, Library Compass points the way to new habits of mind in order to generate questions, locate sources for answers, evaluate the proffered solutions, and formulate responses. The Library Compass is another step taken by Columbia University Information Services to respond to a growing need to harness the University's vast knowledge resources.

Library Compass