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New Digital Classroom in Lewisohn Hall.

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October 23, 2001. 308A Lewisohn Hall is now The Digital Classroom. Overseen by CCNMTL, General Studies and the Registrar's office, the Digital Classroom is designed to encourage interactive learning for small groups in and beyond the classroom.

With seating for 18 students, the classroom is designed for seminars that require students and faculty to work together in small groups. The furniture itself is flexible?asy-to-move, color-coded tables allow the instructor to control the room set-up.

Control also extends to the presentation of course content, including class notes, Web sites, Word documents, the course Web site, DVD or videotapes. All of these features can be viewed, and many can be created, on the freestanding console called the SmartBoard. Housed in a cabinet resembling a rear projection television set, the SmartBoard is a dynamic, networked computer display with electronic whiteboard, which includes VCR and DVD players and an integrated audio system. A short training session, provided by CCNMTL, prepares any faculty member to use all of the SmartBoard features in their class.

Faculty making use of new media in their teaching are encouraged to request The Digital Classroom for the Spring 2002 semester by contacting

SmartBoard demonstrations for groups of faculty will be given by CCNMTL on request. To schedule a demonstration for your department, please contact CCNMTL at

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