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News Reporting Simulation Launches at Journalism School.

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October 23, 2001. The Graduate School of Journalism launched version one of their News Reporting Simulation (NewsSim) this fall. Developed by John Pavlik, Professor and Melvin Mencher, Professor Emeritus, at the Graduate School of Journalism in collaboration with CCNMTL, elements of NewsSim?rom the simulated scenario to sources to supplemental reading lists?an be customized for faculty members based on their individual curriculum needs.

Students will use the simulation to practice news gathering, interviewing and writing skills in a controlled digital environment that approximates some of the conditions found in the real world by reporters covering common news stories. In the first version of NewsSim, students cover a fire in a local apartment building as a spot news story. The simulation will ultimately contain several scenarios, each intended to teach students a different aspect of news reporting.

NewsSim includes simulated video interviews with key witnesses and officials. As it guides students through the fire scenario, the simulation offers suggestions on how to proceed and provides feedback based on the students1 choices. Students also listen to fire codes broadcast over a police scanner in order to find a potential story and navigate the town using an interactive map. At the end of the simulation, they identify the story elements and submit their story covering the simulated event, which is sent to the instructor to be read and graded.

NewsSim has already received overwhelmingly positive feedback from students who are using it in Professor Pavlik's class Exploring New Media. The project is undergoing evaluation this fall, with comprehensive results expected to be released by the Summer of 2002.

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