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Nursing Faculty Attend Teaching & Learning Expo

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Faculty and administrators from the Columbia University School of Nursing learned about ways to use technology to enhance education at an open house hosted by the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) earlier this December.

The event opened with a presentation by Michelle Hall, senior educational technologist and head of CCNMTL’s CUMC satellite office, on how CCNMTL works with instructors to enhance teaching and learning.

“The faculty at the School of Nursing are great, energetic people,” said Hall. “This event allows us to let them know we want to work with them and support the important teaching and research they do at Columbia.”

After the presentation, attendees participated in an expo with tables dedicated to topics like engaging students in and out of the classroom, teaching with video, case studies and simulations, distance learning, Mediathread, and the Triangle Initiative. Educational technologists, video specialists, and other CCNMTL staff members interacted one-on-one with faculty to answer questions and demonstrate tools.

“CUMC-CCNMTL has numerous services which enhance our teaching mission, and we are pleased to have such a fine service available to us,” said Sarah Cook, academic dean at the School of Nursing. Faculty who attended gave the event enthusiastic praise, noting that the different tables featuring CCNMTL services were particularly helpful.