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Online Facebook for Film and Theater Students Released

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June 17, 2002. CCNMTL in partnership with Lenore Dekoven, assistant professor of film at the School of the Arts, released the online Casting Files/Facebook for use as a resource in film and theater classes. The digital archive allows students to review hundreds of actors' headshots and resumes online in order to select casts for their productions.

Learning to cast actors is a significant part of the core workshops required of first year film students. The site, which contains headshots and resumes for over 1000 actors, offers students easier access to these resources, which were previously only available in hard copy in an office with limited hours. The online version allows students to view, save or print files any time, as well as select from four different criteria (type, age, sex and ethnicity) to identify desirable candidates. Used with tools like the CU Analyzer, the Facebook can help students visualize a potential cast.

Film and theater students can begin using the Casting Files/Facebook immediately.

Facebook Demo: Track