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Open House: Experimental Digital Classroom

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December 10, 2004. CCNMTL hosted an open house in the Experimental Digital Classroom (308 Lewisohn) on Thursday, December 9 to provide faculty with an opportunity to explore its interactive tools and to strategize ways of incorporating them into their courses.

Representatives from CCNMTL met with faculty to brainstorm creative uses of the room's features, to discuss connections to curriculum, and to demonstrate the room's resources to newcomers to the EDC.

The EDC is more than a venue for showing video or browsing the web. It enables faculty in a seminar setting to:

* Annotate primary texts and images
* Toggle between DVD movies and computer applications
* Access presentations prepared in advance for the SmartBoard
* Save group work for distribution after class
* Download and upload files to CourseWorks
* Video conference with remote locations
* Record lectures and SmartBoard interactions

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