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August 2, 2005. CCNMTL has been busy writing and contributing to academic journals and books, both at Columbia and internationally. Frank Moretti, John Frankfurt, and David Miele co-authored "Malcolm X: Digital Media in a New Age of Learning and Research" in SOULS. The article describes the history of the Multimedia Study Environment and discusses the development of the Malcolm X Multimedia Study Environment (MXMSE).

Frank Moretti also contributed chapters to two books: "Support in the Use of New Media" in Supporting E-Learning: A Guide for Library and Information Managers, and "What Have We Learned and How Have We Learned It? Examples of Best Practices of a New Media Services and Development Center in Higher Education," translated into German for Online-Pagogik, Band 3, edited by Burkhard Lehmann and Egon Bloh.

With publications like these, CCNMTL continues to play an active role in shaping the academic conversation on digital technologies and student learning.