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Released: ePrep Emergency Preparedness Training

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April 28, 2006. The School of Nursing and the New York Presbyterian Healthcare System have released the ePrep project, a six-module series for hospital and community-based clinicians focusing on the command and management aspects of Emergency Preparedness. This project is part of a national effort to increase and improve emergency preparedness in hospitals throughout the United States.

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has supported this effort in recognition of the critical need to provide health care professionals across disciplines with skills that strengthen their ability to respond to public health emergencies (whether natural or manmade) within the larger context of city, state, and national emergency response plans and protocols.

CCNMTL worked with an advisory board from the Bioterrorism Curriculum Development Project and the New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System Preparedness Council to develop the modules: The Basics (of emergency preparedness), Biological Incidents, Chemical Incidents, Explosive Incidents, Radiological Incidents, and Incidents Affecting Children. Each module begins with a realistic scenario and continually engages users with cases, Q&A, reflective moments, and thought provoking questions. Users can elect to take each of the the modules for Continuing Education credit.

ePrep | Emergency Preparedness Training