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rewirED: EdTech Talk That’s Always Grounded

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Join the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning for the Spring 2014 rewirED series—a place to discuss how to best harness the power of technology to make learning environments as effective as possible by using what we know about how people learn. It’s where Columbia faculty, staff, and teaching assistants share ideas, ask questions, and leave feeling inspired.

At each session, CCNMTL educational technologists will:

  • Look at a problem we think occurs when technology and teaching merge.
  • Present research.
  • Show the best tools and how to incorporate them into your course.
  • Bring up challenges, and open things up for discussion.

New this semester, we will also be offering hands-on lab sessions that compliment the pedagogical discussions of the rewirED series and immerse faculty and staff into the software and technology solutions presented during the rewirED talks.

rewirED starts on Friday, February 7 with The Art & Science of Course Design. For a complete schedule, visit the rewirED website.

rewirED Rewards
Individuals who participate in four or more sessions in one semester will be deemed “rewirED”. CCNMTL will honor the commitment to technology and teaching exhibited by these individuals at an end-of-semester showcase event, and also present them with a Certificate of Completion and a gift card from Oren's Daily Roast to keep them wired into the next semester.