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Social Justice Movements Wiki Launches

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March 24, 2005. This semester, students in Professor Robin Kelley's undergraduate course Black Movements in the U.S. will develop the content of a new wiki, or collaborative website, about key social justice movements in New York City.

Developed in collaboration with CCNMTL, the Social Justice Movements wiki provides students the opportunity to create a website that will become a resource for exploring the broader political visions of these movements and their impact on local communities. Throughout the spring semester, students will explore organizations representing labor, civil rights, black liberation, reparations, socialism/communism, feminism, welfare rights, youth/Hip Hop activism, education, peace, environmental justice, and anti-globalization. As Professor Kelley continues to teach this course in future semesters, new groups of students will add to the site, making it a valuable tool for social justice research.

Access to the Social Justice Movements wiki is currently restricted to students in the course. When the students have completed their work at the end of the semester, the website will be made available to the public. The Social Justice Movements wiki is one of several wiki projects that are being developed by CCNMTL this semester.