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October 9, 2002. CCNMTL and the School of Social Work produced a series of videos depicting social worker/client interviews on four topics in social work practice with older adults and their families. The topics include: Coping with Chronic Illness, Active Aging, Depression, and Sexuality in Aging. In total, 10 client and social worker interactions were captured totalling over four hours of video. One of the videos (Depression) was conducted in Spanish and is being distributed in both Spanish and English. The videos and teaching materials are already being used in courses at the School of Social Work, and will also be distributed on CD-ROM to social work libraries across the country.

The effort was led by SSW Professors Denisse Burnette and Anne McCann-Oakley, who along with the rest of the School of Social Work team developed the supplementary teaching materials including interview transcripts, discussion guides for instructors, and links to studies that relate to the video content.

Educational Technologist David VanEsselstyn managed the project for CCNMTL. The video editing and compression was completed by Senior Video Specialist Stephanie Ogden and her intern assistants, Ndlela Nkobi and Stephen Padilla.