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Tech Note: QuickTime and Firewalls

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March 8, 2005. QuickTime streaming can be affected by firewalls on personal computers. If you suspect that your firewall is preventing access to streaming clips, use the QuickTime Preferences to set the transport to HTTP using port 80. This should solve most firewall issues.

Details: QuickTime streams are typically transported via the RTP/RTSP protocol, but many firewalls (including the recent Windows XP Service Pack 2 firewall) block these protocols. Should you wish to open your firewall to the RTP/RTSP protocols, you need to do the following:

  • Open port 554 for RTSP/TCP data
  • Open ports 6970 through 6999 (inclusive) for RTP/UDP data.

Alternatively, you can grant the QuickTime player an exception, but media embedded in browsers will still encounter problems and the browsers must be granted a similar exception.

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