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Recapping The 2011 Summer Institute For Teaching and Learning

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In late July, the Glenda Garvey Teaching Academy and CCNMTL sponsored the fourth annual Summer Institute for Teaching and Learning—a day-long invitational workshop designed to help new CUMC teaching faculty develop their skills as educators, learn about interactive teaching techniques, and collaborate with other faculty across Columbia's health sciences campus.

Members of GGTA Educator Development Initiative and CCNMTL educational technologists led this year’s 22 Summer Institute fellows in the exploration of teaching topics, such as adult learning principles, enhancing small group learning, new ways of presenting and assessing course materials online, and new media in education.

Workshop leaders remarked that this was the best year so far. This sentiment was shared by the Summer Institute fellows, reporting that they felt the event was "excellent." The following are typical of the comments received after the event: “I was surprised by the open-endedness of the information. It was nice to be challenged to think and observe my teaching skills.” “...spread the word! It’s a great program and really so many faculty members should attend.”

For more information on the Summer Institute contact the Glenda Garvey Teaching Academy.