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"The Rohde to Srebrenica," a multimedia case study.

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July 23, 2001. Under the guidance of Anne Nelson, Director of the International Program at the School of Journalism, students from the Elements of International Reporting class developed "The Rohde to Srebrenica: A Case Study of Human Rights Reporting." The case study is presented in the form of a Web site that documents U.S. reporter David Rohde's journey through Bosnia, where he spent several months in 1995 researching and reporting on the genocide of Bosnian Muslims.

Visitors to the Web site ?hich consists of six chronological stages told through a series of student essays, interviews and newspaper articles ?an view Rohde's photographs of the gravesites, read the correspondence with his editor, find links to related organizations (such as Freedom Forum and the Committee to Protect Journalists) and read articles that comprised Rohde's ground-breaking series published in the Christian Science Monitor.

Central to the study is a multimedia treatment of Rohde and his editor, Faye Bowers, retelling their story at a special lecture held at Columbia in April 2001. The video is presented as a series of clips organized by theme, making individual topics easy to find and study. The Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) is used with RealVideo clips to provide this uniquely educational video interface.

The site can be used as a resource for all Columbia faculty and students ?rom the School of Journalism to the School of International Public Affairs to the School of Law.

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