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Tierno Bokar Resources Site Launches

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March 22, 2005. The newly launched Tierno Bokar Educational Resources site is now available to the Columbia community as an extension of the public website for Peter Brook's production of Tierno Bokar this spring.

The Educational Resources site provides faculty and students with teaching material on the play's themes, including history, religion, cultural theory, and drama, featuring an original essay on Tierno Bokar, Hambâté Bâ, and Peter Brook. The site also presents a glossary of key terms, slideshows of visual material, and a timeline of West African history to help students frame the play within its historical and cultural context. Columbia faculty, including Peter Awn, Ousmane Kane, Andrei Serban, and Gregory Mann provide video commentaries about the historical and cultural significance of Tierno Bokar. Also included are video footage from Keita!, a documentary on Mali, and clips from The Empty Space, documenting Peter Brook's theater workshop at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1973.

Additional materials will continue to be added to the website during and after the Tierno Bokar production, making it a living resource for the Columbia community. The Educational Resources site is available to students and faculty with a Columbia UNI and password.

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Tierno Bokar Educational Resources