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New Columbia Channel Now on YouTube EDU

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March 27, 2009. CCNMTL announces today the release of the beta version of the Columbia University channel on YouTube. The channel, to be fully released this fall, is part of YouTube EDU, a new educational hub announced yesterday that provides direct access to educational videos and video-based course content from prominent universities around the world. The YouTube EDU channels contain a more robust set of features than general YouTube channels. Using these features, CCNMTL educational technologists will work with instructors on campus to better provide enhanced video materials for Columbia’s courses. Visit Columbia University’s channel now to view sample content:

More information on this University-wide service will be available prior to the channel's launch in September 2009. Learn more about useful YouTube features for educators in the primer, "An In-Depth Look at YouTube" on the CCNMTL EnhancED website. To learn more about this initiative, please contact

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