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Mendeley Blog Spotlights Global Honors College

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mendeley_ghc.jpg August 10, 2010. Mendeley, the research management tool that allows users to index and organize PDF documents and research papers into your own personal digital bibliography, recently featured CCNMTL's Ashlinn Quinn in the Mendeley Blog. In the blog post, Ashlinn shares how Mendeley is used in the Global Honors College.. Read an excerpt below:

Throughout the Global Seminar, students are tasked with finding, reading, and annotating references in peer-reviewed literature that pertain to specific matters covered in the course. In the unit on Terrestrial Biodiversity, for instance, students searched the Web of Science for academic studies having to do with terrestrial species assessment, ecosystem services, and threats to biodiversity from climate change. Each student submitted references to the shared collection on Mendeley, using the “Notes” feature to annotate the references, and “Tags” to track who had submitted which references and to sort them by topic and by assignment.

After just six weeks of activity in the Seminar, the students have already collected almost 300 articles having to do with topics covered in the class, with new references being added to the collection every day. As the Seminar progresses, the students will refer to this library for group projects and research papers.

Visit the Mendeley Blog to read the full blog post.