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opencast_ccnmtl.jpg May 3, 2010. The Opencast Community —a consortium of higher education institutions working together to explore, define, and document podcasting and course capture best practices and technologies—featured CCNMTL in an article detailing the Center's participation in community efforts related to the Opencast Matterhorn Project, an open source media system for managing and delivering educational audio and video content on the Web that is expected to launch this summer.

The article highlights CCNMTL's Digital Media Technologist Brian O’Hagan for his contributions in the Opencast Community, including planning meetings and working groups, and notes how CCNMTL plans to deploy Matterhorn at Columbia University: "CCNMTL hopes to implement the services of Matterhorn, namely publishing, encoding, and workflow, so that all media assets can be managed in an integrated manner as a part of the Center’s core [course] services. Once Matterhorn services are implemented as a core platform, Brian expects that CCNMTL will begin development on projects that extend Matterhorn functionality, quite likely including integration of their annotation tools."

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