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TC Today Profiles Executive Director Frank Moretti

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compiled3.jpgNovember 23, 2009. Named a "worldwide force in digital education," CCNMTL Executive Director Frank Moretti is at the center of the recent TC Today article, "Saying Yes to Technology." The article profiles Moretti's accomplishments borne out of the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, which he founded with Maurice Matiz in 1999. Several CCNMTL projects and their educational objectives are highlighted throughout the article—including the Global Classroom, Masivukeni, and VITAL —and the reader comes to understand how Moretti, a former Greek, Latin, and philosophy teacher with a doctorate in history from Teachers College, dreamed up an organization that today supports over 3,000 individual faculty members in the purposeful use of technology. "We looked at what was going on around us with computers, and we said, Jeez, we're living in another great revolution," said Moretti. To learn more, read Saying Yes to Technology.