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CCNMTL Hosts Third New Media in Education Conference

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New York, January 25, 2006. The Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) will host its third biennial conference, New Media in Education 2006: A Progress Report, on Friday, January 27, 2006 in Low Memorial Library. The conference on new media technology in education will include faculty panels and demonstrations of many of CCNMTL's projects, including Video Interactions in Teaching and Learning (VITAL), the Educational Multimedia Case Constructor (EMCC), and The Autobiography of Malcolm X Multimedia Study Environment.

"The goal of our third New Media in Education conference is to highlight some of the innovations that have evolved since CCNMTL began its work seven years ago," says Dr. Frank Moretti, executive director of CCNMTL. "This conference provides an opportunity to share our commitment to current developments in technology while reflecting upon newly emerging pedagogical best practices."

This year's conference includes panel discussions:

  • A Partnership in Educational Innovation, featuring Columbia College's core science course, Frontiers of Science and the School of Journalism's The Washington Post Case Study
  • Virtual Fieldwork for Pre-Professional Education, featuring Video Interactions in Teaching and Learning (VITAL) and its role in graduate programs at Teachers College, the School of Social Work, and the School of Dental and Oral Surgery
  • New Technologies Serving Educational Goals, highlighting collaborative websites and media-rich resources and study environments
  • New Directions: Research, Education, and Community Service, discussing new efforts at CCNMTL to leverage multimedia adaptations of University research for use in Columbia's classes and the broader community

In addition to these panels, the conference will include workshops on new technologies, such as podcasting, blogs, and web services. There will be a faculty computer lab, where conference participants will be able to review CCNMTL projects and services and meet with panelists.

All members of the Columbia University community are invited to attend this free conference. It will highlight the instructor's perspective, but librarians, information technology staff, and administrators supporting courses are welcome to participate. More information and online registration is available at

Download the press release (PDF)