Session 1A:
Triangle Initiative: Where Education, Research, and the Community Intersect

Speakers: Susan Witte, Conrad Johnson, Jessica Rowe
9:10 AM - 10:00 AM

The Triangle Initiative, created by CCNMTL, leverages digital tools and capacities that serve the intersecting interests of education, research, and the larger community. This session describes three Triangle Initiative projects, the research they advance, the education they enrich, and the benefits they bring to society. Professor Susan Witte will present Multimedia Connect, a Web-based facilitator-support tool for an HIV prevention program for at-risk couples and Professor Conrad Johnson will discuss the Collateral Consequences of Criminal Charges Calculator, a decision-support tool for public defenders.

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Project Overview: Collateral Consequences Calculator

Collateral Consequences Calculator Partner(s): Conrad Johnson
School of Law

Access: Open to all
Released: May 2010


Developed in partnership with Columbia Law School professor Conrad Johnson, the Collateral Consequences Calculator is a web-based "calculator" that allows legal practitioners to quickly and easily compare the collateral consequences of criminal charges associated with sections of the New York State Penal Law. The Collateral Consequences Calculator serves multiple communities: faculty can build case studies around it, lawyers can better counsel their clients, judges can assure appropriate sentencing, and public policy researchers can use it as a lens through which to examine the matrix of the New York State legal system. Judge Judith Kaye, former Chief Justice of New York State, has supported the development of this tool, which she sees as a valuable social justice initiative.