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Spatial Information Design Lab

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Spatial Information Design Lab

Spatial Information Design Lab Partner(s): Laura Kurgan
Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Access: Private
Released: June 2005


A series of studios taught by Laura Kurgan, the Spatial Information Design Lab is a think- and action-tank at the School of Architecture specializing in the visual display of spatial information about contemporary cities and events. The lab works with data about space -- numeric data combined with narratives and images to design compelling visual presentations about our world today. The projects in the lab focus on linking social data with geography to help researchers and advocates communicate information clearly, responsibly, and provocatively. We work with survey and census data, Global Positioning System information, maps, high- and low-resolution satellite imagery, analytic graphics, photographs and drawings, along with narratives and qualitative interpretations, to produce images. Student's individual work from the various labs is added to a collaborative wiki page that is organized by case study and theory.

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