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Art & Technology Lectures

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Art & Technology Lectures

Art  & Technology Lectures Partner(s): Mark Tribe
School of the Arts

Access: Open to all
Released: January 2005


From spring 2004 to fall 2004, the Digital Media Center at the School of the Arts and the Computer Music Center collaborated with CCNMTL to organize an Art & Technology Lecture series. In this series, leading new media artists, curators and theorists discussed the exciting and diverse field of Art & Technology to the students, faculty and staff of Columbia University. All lectures were taped and made available online. Students in Mark Tribe's interdisciplinary art seminars took the lead in outlining how the lectures should be presented online, which CCNMTL produced based on the outlines. The online presentation of the lectures served as a measure of Tribe's students' understanding of each presenter's talk as well as its place in the larger discourse of art and technology.

(The Art & Technology Lecture series featuring Cory Arcangel, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky, Siva Vaidhyanathan, Manuel Delanda, and many others is now available via iTunes U and YouTube; the original web site at School of the Arts was closed down.)

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