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Columbia Artist/Teachers wiki

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Columbia Artist/Teachers wiki

Columbia Artist/Teachers wiki Partner(s): Alan Ziegler
School of the Arts

Access: Private
Released: September 2006


Columbia Artist/Teachers (CA/T) are graduate students in the Writing Division of Columbia University's School of the Arts. The CA/T initiative works with several schools and organizations to build stronger communities through writing, teaching, tutoring, and volunteering. CA/T members are trained via the course The Writer as Teacher, which is taught by Writing Division Director of Pedagogy and Teaching Alan Ziegler, CA/T mentors and master teachers and Columbia alums who have taught extensively. The CA/T wiki is used as a resource to help train and support graduate students, many of whom are novice teachers, with lesson plans and writing exercises. The wiki also serves as a journal, allowing student teachers to share their experiences with other CA/T members.

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