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Columbia Webcam (1999-2002)

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Columbia Webcam (1999-2002)

Columbia Webcam (1999-2002) CCNMTL

Access: Open to all
Released: March 1999


The Columbia Webcam (est. March 1999) provided live images from the CCNMTL offices in Butler Library, room 605. The visible Columbia landmarks included College Walk, Low Memorial Library, and Alma Mater. Images from the Webcam were also combined into timelapse movies providing interesting, fast-motion recap of happenings on College Walk and Low Library steps every two hours.

The Columbia Webcam project was terminated September 2002 when CCNMTL offices relocated and lost the amazing view of campus. During the time the Columbia Webcam was available, it was a popular page on campus. The most ingenious use of the webcam was when a fraternity used appropriately spaced flyers on the steps to write out their Greek letters clearly visible on the webcam. Here are some other highlights from our Webcam archives.

The Columbia Webcam was setup using the following equipment:

  • Computer: PowerMacintosh 8500
  • OS: MacOS 8.6
  • Camera: Canon VC-C1-MKII (w/ handy remote control)
  • Software: SiteCam 6.0.5 from NuSpectra

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