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Education Leadership Development Experience (ELDEx)

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Education Leadership Development Experience (ELDEx)

Education Leadership Development Experience (ELDEx) Partner(s): Dr. Brian K. Perkins, Director
Urban Education Leadership Program
Columbia University Teachers College

Released: TBA
In development.

A collaboration between the Urban Education Leaders Collaborative (UELC), lead by Dr. Brian Perkins, and CCNMTL, the Education Leadership Development Experience (ELDEx) will be used by UELC facilitators to enhance professional development workshops dealing with various high-stakes topics that are of concern to modern education leaders. ELDEx participants are immersed in a unique, educational leadership simulation with activities that require them to think on their feet, process just-in-time bits of information, and work in groups to rationalize decisions made at various moments throughout the experience. Each simulation introduces a dilemma in which ELDEx participants must negotiate the best way to respond with limited information. ELDEx scaffolds the experience by allowing UELC facilitators to release new content, differentiate group experiences, and manage decision points for each group in a workshop cohort. Simulation topics include testing scandals, managing a teacher strike, racially influenced bullying, and sexual misconduct in urban schools.

The ELDEx project is used by individuals interested in studying urban education leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University. Participants often include aspiring education leaders in degree programs at Teachers College, as well as current school leaders. ELDEx content is related to current topics in educational leadership in the United States, and includes texts, images, video, and interactive data tools that enhance the entire experience. UELC professional development facilitators manage the experience with an advanced administrative dashboard that provides the ability to monitor group progress, and release content based on the pace of each group and a live workshop schedule.

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