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Network Planner
Network Planner Partner: Dr. Vijay Modi- The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science
CCNMTL has partnered with Dr. Vijay Modi, professor of mechanical engineering at Columbia, to develop an online tool and training program for planning electrification and other network projects at national, regional, and local scales. The Network Planner will allow students and practitioners to develop the skill sets required to make...


Access: Private
Released: May 2010
OPTIMUS - Earth Science Engineering Grant
OPTIMUS - Earth Science Engineering Grant Partner: Upmanu Lall- School of Engineering and Applied Science
The Open Platform for Teaching Integrated Modeling and Urban Simulation (OPTIMUS) project was a prototype of a spatial modeling application that allowed engineering students to design and manipulate models of environmental engineering problems such as the relationship between automobile traffic congestion and pollution. The prototype was a central feature of...


Released: September 2003
Archived, no longer available.