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Harlem Health History

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Harlem Health History

Harlem Health History Partner(s): Samuel K. Roberts
Department of History

Access: Private
Released: September 2009


The Harlem Health History project was created to enhance students' historical research on health-focused social movements in an African American community. The project offers students in Professor Samuel Roberts' course, "History of African American Health and Health Movements," a repository of digitized primary source materials about health and public policy issues in Harlem. Until now, many of these primary source materials—including health reports and studies, news articles, advertisements, images, and interviews—have not been available in any online archive. The Harlem Health History project will enable students to browse, analyze, and tag items, and add their own primary source material to the collection. Exemplary student term papers will be included in the repository for future students to use as secondary sources in their own research papers.

The Harlem Health History is a Digital Bridges Initiative project.

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