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Correcting Course of Copyright

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Correcting Course of Copyright

Correcting Course of Copyright Partner(s): James Neal
Columbia University Libraries

Access: Open to all
Released: May 2005


In May 2005, CCNMTL provided the online presence and video archive for "Correcting Course: Rebalancing Copyright for Libraries in the National and International Arenas," a conference presented by Columbia University and the Office of Information Technology Policy (OITP) of the American Library Association. The conference provided a high-level briefing on developments in the United States and in international venues affecting the balanced interpretation and application of copyright. It promoted a renewed activism in support of fair use and the full complement of copyright exceptions and limitations which enable libraries to serve their communities. This conference brought together influential and committed thinkers and activists who view a balanced application of copyright and the advancement of fair use as fundamental to the future health of libraries and the communities they serve.

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