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Columbia on YouTube EDU

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Columbia on YouTube EDU

Columbia on YouTube EDU CCNMTL

Access: Open to all
Released: September 2009


Columbia on YouTube EDU gives faculty, students, and the public access to Columbia-produced videos of lectures, events, and promotional content on the popular YouTube platform. Launched in September 2009 and managed by CCNMTL, the University's channel enables instructors and administrators to publish and share videos online for educational, promotional, and general use.

YouTube EDU organizes videos from over 100 universities and colleges in one convenient place and includes over 200 full course videos from leading universities, including MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Yale, and now, Columbia. The platform offers a more robust set of features than regular YouTube channels, allowing videos to run longer than 10 minutes on a Columbia-branded, ad-free site. Features like annotations, tagging, and high definition also enhance the viewing experience, and videos can be easily embedded in blogs, wikis, or course sites.

To learn more about Columbia on YouTube EDU and to contribute video, please email

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