Religion and the Environment

Religion and the Environment

Religion and the Environment: A Campaign to Raise Awareness of the Environment and Discover Common Ground in the Judeo-Christian and Buddhist Communities

Monday, February 27, 2006

Useful Sites for Religion and the Environment

Forum on Religion and Ecology
This site is really amazing. It is a project by the religion department at Harvard and has information on all world religions and their relationship to the environment. Within each tradition there is information on the sacred texts and an extensive bibliography.

Green Faith: Spirit, Stewardship, Justice
This group is an interfaith coalition located in New Brunswick, NJ. Their programs include religious-environmental education, placing solar panels on houses of worship, and mobilizing clergy and people of faith to advocate for environmental legislation.

Alliance of Religions and Conservation
This site based in the United Kingdom has a wealth of information. They provide overviews of each faiths views on the environment, many helpful links, news stories, and details on faith groups engaged in environmental action.

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

Interfaith Climate Change Network

National Council of Churches of Christ Eco-Justice Programs

Evangelical Climate Change Initiative

The National Religious Partnership for the Environment

Native Americans and the Environment

Catholic Conservation Center

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