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Triangle Project Application

Prior to completing a project application, please review the Triangle Initiative project criteria.

To submit a Triangle Initiative project application, please write a brief narrative addressing the topics below and submit it to Please note that many Triangle Initiative project partners are seeking substantial grant funding from government or private funders for large-scale projects. For these projects, CCNMTL will co-develop a project proposal and support the execution of flat samples or conceptual schematics to accompany the proposal.

Strong partnerships are at the heart of the success of any Triangle Initiative project.

  • Please tell us about yourself and your role(s) at Columbia.
  • Please also attach a current CV to your project application.

Describe the research component of your project.

  • Will the project extend your current research or be an object of research?
  • Or will the creation of the project require extensive research by students?
  • How does your research affect communities or populations outside Columbia?

CCNMTL's mission centers on the purposeful use of new media in the classroom. Our long-term goal is to use new media to transform teaching models and to have lasting effect on Columbia classrooms.

  • How will your project or aspects of it advance the use of new media in the classroom?
  • How will your project use technology to help bridge the gap between classroom learning and professional practice?
  • Describe the pedagogical model or models that your project supports. How does technology support or extend this model?
  • Which courses would directly benefit (please provide course numbers)?
  • Do you teach those courses? If not, how would you work with faculty and curriculum committees to support the adoption of elements of your project in Columbia classrooms?
  • How many students would directly benefit?

Universities exist not only to educate students and conduct research, they also seek to benefit the community at large. Triangle Initiative projects look to leverage digital technology to benefit the community in concert with the work that is accomplished in research and education.

  • How does the project as a whole interact with communities outside Columbia?
  • Who in the larger community would benefit? How would they benefit? How many people could benefit?
  • Do you have a partner in the community either from government or a non-profit or community-based organization?
  • How will they participate?