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QR Codes Explained

Originally created for the auto industry by Toyota, Quick Response (QR) codes have become more ubiquitous in magazines, catalogs, and advertisements. QR codes are also beginning to appear more frequently on campus print and digital signage to bridge the physical world with the online world. Note that QR codes can be used to share any alphanumeric information and function similar to the common barcodes on merchandise.

The increasing use of QR codes has benefited from the growing popularity of smartphones and handheld devices with built-in cameras that can be used to read the QR codes. To turn your smartphone into a QR code reader, it is necessary to download an app such as Red Laser, Qrafter, or QR Reader, many of which are free from the various app stores.

QR code for CCNMTLThe simplest way to create a QR code for a URL is also one the easiest ways to track its usage. The link shortener automatically generates a QR code for every link it creates. Simply add the suffix .qrcode to the link. For example, for the URL, the QR code is at and is embedded in this article. Give it a try.