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Sacred Gotham

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Sacred Gotham

Sacred Gotham Partner(s): Courtney Bender
Columbia College

Access: Columbia only
Released: September 2006


In Courtney Bender's Religion and the City course at Columbia University, maps and mapping technologies help students better conceptualize the impact of larger social trends on religious groups. Students conduct individual research projects on religious sites in Manhattan and investigate how population and economic changes in the city have influenced those sites. The course trains students in anthropological, historical, and sociological approaches to religious studies.

Each year Professor Bender launches a new version of the project with a new group of students. A collection of the best of Sacred Gotham is accessible to members of the Columbia community. These sites allow readers to track perspectives and trends as different classes study religious presence in the city.

The Sacred Gotham is a Digital Bridges Initiative project.

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Culture and Society | Field-Laboratory | Philosophy and Religion