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Epistolae Partner(s): Joan Ferrante
Arts and Sciences

Access: Open to all
Revised: January 2014
Released: February 2000


Epistolae is a collection of letters sent to and from women during the 4th to 13th centuries. This website is open to the public, offering scholars and students a repository of texts, translations, and background information about women engaged in correspondence in the Middle Ages. The letters, originally written in Latin, are translated to English and linked to biographical sketches of the women who wrote or received them.

Epistolae was first released in 2000. In the course of its 14-year history, Epistolae has evolved with changes in web technology. In 2013/14 Epistolae underwent its third major update. This update involved a full rebuild of the site within Drupal 7, a robust open source content management system, which brings Epistolae into the modern era. With improved capabilities for searching, sorting, and dynamic linking between content, Epistolae is user friendly and ready to support its expanding collection of unique and vital historical documents.

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