Biography: StevenDrummond

Steven Drummond joined NPR in 2000, when he was hired as its education editor. As senior national editor for NPR News, a position he assumed in 2007, Drummond and his team of about 85 reporters, producers, and editors were responsible for NPRs coverage of the United States; the domestic news agenda, including breaking news, business, and the economy; the arts; state and local politics and government; military affairs; and other areas. Drummond was also a point person for NPRs 260 member stations, many of which had their own news desks and reporters who also filed for the network. Prior to joining NPR, Drummond was an editor at Education Week and a reporter with the Tampa Tribune , the St. Petersburg (FL) Times , and the Associated Press. In the early 1990s, he spent a year as a middle and high school teacher. He holds masters degrees in journalism and education from the University of Michigan .

Listen to Drummond describe the scope of NPR's national desk.