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Welcome to IAT, the Image Annotation Tool.

The Image Annotation Tool (IAT) is Web-based application designed to annotate images. The IAT was developed by the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning in partnership with the College of Dental Medicine as an alternative to traditional microscopy for teaching the developmental and histological aspects of dental and oral tissues. However, this tool can be utilized in numerous other disciplines. Any task requiring the labeling of maps, illustrating art images, or highlighting elements of a graphic can easily be accomplished with the IAT.

The tool allows an instructor to create shared collections of images accessible to class members. The heart of the IAT is the annotation tool itself, which features an elegant interface for creating and editing color-coded labels that can be attached to specific parts of an image. Students can toggle annotations on and off to evaluate how well they have learned relevant concepts and information, and instructors can review student annotations to gauge comprehension.


Access is limited to students and faculty of the classes using IAT. If you are having difficulty accessing this application, please contact

Technical Requirements

  1. Monitor: Minimum 1024x768 required. Higher resolution is recommended.
  2. Browsers:
    1. Windows: Firefox 1.5 or later, Internet Explorer 6 or later; Mozilla 1.7 or later; Netscape 7+
    2. MacOS: Firefox 1.5 or later, Mozilla 1.7 or later; Netscape 7+
    3. Linux: Firefox 1.5 or later, Mozilla 1.7 or later
  3. JavaScript: Your browser must have JavaScript enabled
  4. Plug-ins: Flash 9 Player. Download a free version of Flash Player if you do not already have it installed.
  5. Network Connection: The recommended connection is broadband connection (LAN, DSL, or cable modem)