Search Your Bookmarks with Historious

historious.jpgIf you have trouble finding your bookmarked articles and websites due to the large number of them that you have collected, Historious can help.

After registering you can install the "historify" bookmarklet button to your browser's bookmarks toolbar. When you find a site that you want to save, clicking the button will index the site for searching later. Historious is different from standard bookmarks in that it searches and indexes the content of the page. When you need to find the site again, just visit and type a few keywords into the search box and the results page will list items from your bookmarks that contain those words.

Historious saves the entire page that you have bookmarked, so you have your own copy, even if the original page is no longer available. You can import or export your current bookmarks to or from the service as well. Historious allows up to 1000 items to be indexed with its free service.