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Online Learning Initiative

CCNMTL's Online Learning Initiative aims to highlight pedagogical best practices using appropriate technologies to serve the Columbia University community, faculty partners, and students around the globe at a time when online learning initiatives are challenging traditional programs.


Video: Exclusive Alumni Study Session for Eric Foner's Civil War and Reconstruction MOOC

On Wednesday, March 19, the Columbia University Alumni Group from the 3rd installment of the Civil War and Reconstruction MOOC—The Unfinished Revolution: Reconstruction and After, 1865-1890—were treated to an hour and a half long study session with Professor Eric Foner.... MORE

The Changing Landscape of Higher EdTech

From political forums to pundit roundtables to the family dining room, education is a hot topic. Many perceive growing deficiencies in access, affordability, and the value of education. Some argue that modes of education should be more student-focused, rather... MORE

Eric Foner Teaches Free Online Course on the Reconstruction Era

NEW YORK, New York, January 26, 2015 — Columbia University’s Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) will launch a new massive open online course (MOOC), The Unfinished Revolution: Reconstruction and After, 1865-1890 taught by Professor Eric Foner,... MORE

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Recent CCNMTL Online Learning Projects

Learning With MOOCS II - 2015

Learning With MOOCS II - 2015_thumbnail LEARNING WITH MOOCS II gathered educators, technologists, researchers, learning scientists, entrepreneurs, and funders of MOOCs to share their innovations, discuss their impact on education, and look at the future of online learning. Online learning is a global phenomenon -- with innovations across content creation, delivery, feedback, assessment, and other aspects... MORE

Civil War and Reconstruction MOOC

Civil War and Reconstruction MOOC_thumbnail This history MOOC series, Columbia's first on the edX platform, is divided into three courses that are spread out over 27 weeks of stimulating lectures, interactive assignments, and community discussions. All three courses are available on ColumbiaX. The first course in the series, A House Divided: The Road to Civil... MORE


learn.nynjaetc_thumbnail Hepatitis C (HCV) is a world-wide public health problem, the cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer, and the leading cause of liver transplantation. Until recently, treatments for HCV resulted in sustained suppression of the virus for only 50% of patients with the type of HCV most common in North America... MORE

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Conversations on Online Learning Series

CCNMTL and the Provost's Office are hosting a series of public talks by leading experts on the future of education, specifically around online learning issues. Use the playlist below to access all the talks to date.