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Dental Students Learn To Curb Tobacco Use

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The Tobacco Cessation website, first announced in November 2009, has been completed and will be released this fall to students from the Columbia College of Dental Medicine.

Two years ago, the site was piloted with one module. Coming this fall, the site will be a comprehensive online tobacco cessation intervention program, featuring a step-by-step process composed of 5 sequential components: Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, and Arrange (the 5As), which work together to provide a comprehensive tobacco cessation program. The goal of this website and the seminar is to provide dental students with the didactic and clinical skills to intervene with patients who use tobacco to improve their oral and general health.

It is widely accepted by members of the dental profession that addressing tobacco use with patients should be an integral part of every dental visit. However, national surveys suggest that less than 50% of US dentists ask their patients about smoking and even fewer offer them assistance to quit. Lack of training is most often cited to explain the reluctance of dentists to provide tobacco cessation interventions. Doctor Albert will use the online modules to help students prepare for the seminar portion of the intervention which will feature role-play with potential at-risk patients and student discussions and reflections.

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