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Tobacco Cessation

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Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco Cessation Partner(s): David Albert
College of Dental Medicine

Access: Private
Revised: September 2011
Released: November 2009


Tobacco Cessation is an educational website that provides students in the Columbia College of Dental Medicine with multimedia learning modules on strategies designed to assist clinicians in delivering and supporting effective treatments for tobacco use and dependence. The site offers self-study lessons and activities, including immediate-response quizzes, treatment activities, four virtual patients, and demonstrative videos, which students are assigned to review before attending a required tobacco cessation seminar. After students complete the online modules independently and learn the material by working through the online scenarios, they are then asked to role-play potential encounters during the seminar and reflect on their experience.

The Tobacco Cessation website aims to support Columbia dental students' understanding of the available tobacco cessation pharmacotherapies and to empower students to effectively encourage tobacco cessation in their future dental practice. The complete site, developed by CCNMTL and David Albert, associate professor of clinical dentistry, will be used and evaluated in the fall 2011. After the site is evaluated at Columbia, it will be made available to other dentals schools for a multi-center trial.

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