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Malcolm X Multimedia Study Environment Revisited

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The New York Times' article A Digital Critique of a Famous Autobiography discusses the multimedia study environment created by CCNMTL in 2005 for The Autobiography of Malcolm X based on research by Professor Manning Marable and his graduate students. The web site has gotten renewed attention after Professor Marable's book, “Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention,” was published last month.

The article, written by Noam Cohen, points out the vast number of multimedia references in the study environment, the accessibility of the text for study using paragraph numbering and search, the restricted access due to copyright limitations, and the unfortunate deterioration of the web site as technology standards march on leaving old sites looking distressed.

The "Autobiography of Malcolm X" multimedia study environment is still in use at Columbia. Columbia instructors wishing to use it should contact CCNMTL to obtain access.

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