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ClassPoP Partner(s): Thomas Hatch, Anand Marri
Teachers College

Access: Open to all
Released: November 2011


The ClassPoP project is a pilot and research study on the effectiveness of documenting successful teaching practices to help graduate-level education students at Teachers College, Columbia University. ClassPoP, which is short for "Classroom Perspectives on Practice," seeks to determine which aspects of the teaching practice should be represented, how best to represent those aspects, and how to structure effective learning opportunities with these representations.

A ClassPoP website collects video and other materials documenting cases that demonstrate teaching and learning in the classroom. Video recordings feature an experienced instructor teaching the same period of a class over several days. A split-screen gives the students two simultaneous views of the class in progress, one on the instructor and one on the students. Videos interviews with the teacher and students recorded after each lesson and materials and resources used by the instructor in class are also available. Teachers College students study the materials and use CCNMTL's MediaThread tool to analyze them, drawing connections between assigned readings and actual teaching practice.

The ClassPoP case collection is publicly available and may be used by other schools for training purposes.

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