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Teaching Residents at Teachers College

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Teaching Residents at Teachers College

Teaching Residents at Teachers College Partner(s): Lin Goodwin
Teachers College

Access: Private
Released: July 2010


CCNMTL has designed a series of workshops on effective uses of technology in education for students in the Teaching Residents at Teachers College (TR@TC) program, a 14-month graduate-level program funded by the US Department of Education that enables Teachers College students to apprentice with experienced teachers in high-needs classrooms in New York City schools for one year while earning a master's degree. CCNMTL's expertise on using technology to enhance education in different disciplines will aid TC faculty, the residents, and school partners in re-examining traditional conceptions of content knowledge, disciplinarity, problem-solving, and teaching.

CCNMTL educational technologists (ETs) leading the TR@TC workshops series convey strategies and best practices for incorporating new media and technology in classrooms. ETs also demonstrate various tools deployed at Columbia University and in schools throughout the country to facilitate education, and invite students to explore and experiment with these various teaching tools. For instance, throughout the workshops series residents will use VITAL, the CCNMTL-developed video analysis tool, to analyze and reflect on their own teaching. Residents will videotape each other teaching a class and then use VITAL to create multimedia essays incorporating video clips of their presentation as documentation for self-analysis. School partners will also be exposed to VITAL so that it can facilitate professional dialogue and critical reflection on the part of mentors and principals. Additionally, residents will collaborate and contribute to online discussions via a secure TR@TC website created by CCNMTL, which also contains documentation and support materials.

Funding for CCNMTL's TR@TC workshop series has been provided by a portion of the Teacher Quality Partnership grant awarded to Teachers College by the US Department of Education (DOE) under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. CCNMTL will continue to refine the workshops and other forms of training for the residents over the five years of the grant period.

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