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Virtual Techniques in Dentistry (VirTechs)

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Virtual Techniques in Dentistry (VirTechs)

Virtual Techniques in Dentistry (VirTechs) Partner(s): Dory Calev, Stanley Freeman, Richard Lichtenthal, Shantanu Lal
College of Dental Medicine

Access: Open to all
Released: August 2006


CCNMTL and the College of Dental Medicine collaborated to create Virtual Techniques in Dentistry (VirTechs). This interactive web-based dental laboratory manual provides students with access to detailed instruction on procedures and treatments. The VirTechs collection includes video demonstrations, instructions, and supplementary materials for learning the dental procedures that are covered in a student's preclinical and clinical studies. Dental residents will also find that this is a useful review resource. Using VirTechs' many options for accessing the videos, dental students and residents can learn and practice dental procedures at their own pace.

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