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Columbia on iTunes U

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Columbia on iTunes U

Columbia on iTunes U CCNMTL

Released: September 2008
Archived, no longer available.

Columbia on iTunes U offers Columbia schools, departments, faculty, and student groups the ability to contribute and access podcasts on a Columbia-managed iTunes U site, accessible through Apple's popular iTunes desktop media player. The platform was launched by CCNMTL in September 2008 and continues to gain popularity.

Podcasting is a technology that syndicates video and audio files over the Internet for playback on computers or portable media devices like iPods and iPhones. Podcasting can be a useful way of distributing educational content, for example audio recordings of course lectures or course-related content, that students can access 24/7. With iTunes U, Columbia users can also share podcasts of conferences, seminars, and other events with the Columbia community and make them available to the public.

Columbia on iTunes U is accessible on the iTunes U section of the iTunes application or, for direct access, visit Some content on Columbia on iTunes U is open to Columbia affiliates only and requires logging in with your UNI. Columbia on iTunes U is also available on iPhones and iPod Touches, making Columbia podcasts readily available for download and play without the need of a desktop computer. Access the Columbia on iTunes U mobile portal by visiting on your mobile Safari browser.

CCNMTL administers Columbia on iTunes U and provides faculty support to educators at the University. To learn more about Columbia on iTunes U, visit CCNMTL Tools.

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