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Connecta Partner(s): Susan Witte
Social Intervention Group

Released: December 2009
Archived, no longer available.

Conecta is the Spanish-language version of Connect, a behavioral HIV-prevention intervention for at-risk couples that was developed by researchers at the Social Intervention Group (SIG). CCNMTL worked with Dr. Susan Witte to recreate the five videos used in Connect for a Spanish-speaking population. The translation of all Connect materials into Spanish was funded by the Centers for Disease Control as part of their push to move evidence-based interventions into practice around the country. Conecta will be used by facilitators at community based organization who are working with people at risk for contracting HIV. The goal of Conecta is to give these organizations the option to deliver Connect to a Spanish speaking population, thus ensuring a wider dissemination of the intervention.

Prior to our work on Conecta, CCNMTL worked extensively with Dr. Witte and SIG to create a digital version of the Connect intervention called Multimedia Connect. Multimedia Connect is currently undergoing a five-year test of adoption funded by the National Institute for Mental Health and is being studied in classrooms at the Columbia School of Social Work.

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