Seed distribution in East Africa
Fine tuning crop seed distribution based on expected seasonal rainfall

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Principle 1: Goals
Simon is the marketing director for a seed company in East Africa. His company sells crop seed to both the commercial and small farm sectors in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Simon has two, potentially competing, goals. His first goal is to sell as much seed as he can for the company. He is good at what he does and he wants to keep his sales record up. His other goal is to keep the shopkeepers that buy seed from him happy. He knows that the shopkeepers don't want to buy too much and end up with seed they can't get rid of at the end of the season. Seed goes bad if it not used the year it is produced and farmers know this. So they have to sell whatever they buy that year. For the shopkeeper, it is better to err on the conservative and end up with no seed than to order too much. Simon knows that if he pushes too much seed they will be mad at him for talking them into unnecessary stocks.