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Faculty Support Lab

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The Faculty Support Lab, located in 204 Butler Library on Columbia's Morningside campus, was created to support instructors using and learning how to use new media to enhance education at Columbia. You will find a CCNMTL staff person is always available for consultation, guidance, and technical assistance.

The lab is equipped with a SmartBoard and 11 computer stations with a full range of software applications, as well as scanners and audio/video equipment.


Visitors to Faculty Support Lab commonly work on the following types of tasks:

CourseWorks, EdBlogs, and Columbia Wikispaces

  • Activate your course management and collaboration websites
  • Format course sites and add course materials like syllabi and student assignments
  • Establish online subject guides and course-related resources
  • Create image slideshows

Document Preparation

  • Digitize documents to post on course sites
  • Prepare class syllabus and assignments
  • Convert Word documents into PDF format
  • Design PowerPoint slides for use during class lectures

Media Preparation

  • Scan photos and slides for use in multimedia projects
  • Edit and retouch images with Adobe Photoshop
  • Print limited course materials for use in the classroom
  • Capture and digitize video clips from a VHS cassette or DVD
  • Edit video using Final Cut Pro
  • Prepare video clips for online streaming
  • Create a CD or DVD of images for class use

Podcasting Station

  • Create and edit an audio recording
  • Prepare an audio+slides capture with your PowerPoint presentation
  • Record a video or screen capture for your course

Individual Consultation

  • Meet with a CCNMTL educational technologist to discuss an ongoing project or assess past projects
  • Brainstorm with educational technologists to imagine new ways of integrating technology into the curriculum
  • Receive private instruction on how to use CourseWorks, EdBlogs, Columbia Wikispaces, or other teaching tools

Each computer station has a full range of hardware and software applications, including:

  • Both Microsoft Windows XP and Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Powerpoint, and Excel
  • Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Acrobat (PDFs)
  • Video editing software, including Final Cut Pro
  • Scanners for text and images
  • Audio/video equipment including VHS and DVD

Email or call the CCNMTL Faculty Lab at or 212.854.9058. The Faculty Support Lab, located in 204 Butler Library, is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. An educational technologist is always available for individual consultations.